Volunteer Attorneys

The Marquette Legal Initiative for Nonprofit Corporations (M-LINC) aims to provide Wisconsin nonprofits with access to free legal advice and information. Nonprofits frequently put themselves at risk by failing to consult with an attorney, often because they cannot afford to pay for legal advice. M-LINC aims to pair attorneys that are willing to volunteer their time and expertise on a pro bono basis with nonprofits who cannot afford to pay for legal advice without a substantial impairment of their programs.

Please help M-LINC in assisting Wisconsin nonprofits.

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Examples of M-LINC legal projects referred to volunteer attorneys:

***Please note M-LINC will not provide ongoing or litigation-related services to clients.

Nonprofits should schedule appointments in advance by emailing M-LINC

Companies and Firms With Attorneys Volunteering Their Time Through M-LINC: